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Do anyone want to pair up with Aria for the Valentines event? Here's the link:…
Maakuna Aria MRA application
Name : Maakuna Aria
Nicknames: The Black Bird 
Gender: female
Age: 15

Nationality: Japanese
Height : 164 cm
Weight: 45kg

Year : First
Brand: Pastellica
Other : Loli Gothic Spice Chord Gothic Victoria 
Type: cool

Personality: Aria gives you a very mysterious feeling. She appears infront of your eyes then disappears in a second, no one knows why but this is how she is. She is not a mature person and doesnt get along with people much, that is because she thinks that a cool person doesn't need friends ,although she sometimes feel lonely and tries to hide it by locking herself inside her dorm for hours. She is to push herself to her limits when practicing everytime and doesnt know when to quit.

Biography: When she is in Primary school, people use to laugh at her , tease her and bully her with no reason. At that time, she felt so miserable and confused, everyday after school, Aria would cry in the corner of her room, thinking why, why must she be the target. Everyday she tried very hard to be part of the group, but she just doesn't fit in.
Just when she was about to give up, she saw an idol called Todo Yurika, Aria thought she was cooler than anyone else. She watched many of her performances and shows, eventually she felt more confident and stood up once again. Later, She decided to go to MRA be an idol, and give confidence to people like Yurika once did.

Likes: creepy stuff, chocolate, music
Dislikes: cute dresses, bugs, bullies, math
Voice: medium and mysterious
Relationship :
Kage Kagami :most annoying person in the world 
Tsuki Kagaya : She is nice and all to Aria but just get to angry sometimes.
Ami Nahakara : Met her when Aria just came to MRA . She's a really shy person but really cute ! ( Meruumochi )

Aura: bats and diamonds around her

Did not use a base
Miyoshi Arisa
This picture is drawn for Quallele my "idol" cause her art is sooooo good like I have no words for it and ya, i decided to give her a present. And sorry for not reaching your standard Quallele =+=

So the coord above is the devil butterfly coord (rare)
Hope you all like it!

Anime girl- black n white
This is the anime girl I drew and I made it black and white, but honestly it isn't easy .
Materials I used:
- pencil
- eraser
- black marker
- Black colour pencil
Hope you like it!


No journal entries yet.


Yozora-Kasumi's Profile Picture
Hong Kong
I love all Japanese idol animes , some cartoon animation and many other girlish stuff. But don't mistaken, I am actually younger than you think. I started to go to DeviantArt just because of Moonrise Academy, a group based on Aikatsu and I aim to draw better for you guys , improve on digital drawing and have more watchers as I am trying my best.


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